Pehli fursat mey nikal: Why did Instagram take down Hindustani Bhau’s account?

Instagram takes down Hindustani Bhau account
Hindustani Bhau

Instagram has taken down Hindustani Bhau’s account. Bhau, whose real name is Vikas Pathak is an active social media influencer for many and is quite upfront while talking about various issues in his videos that go on his social media accounts.

This action was long overdue given Bhau’s actions and words in his videos. Now, his account has been taken down by Instagram.

Pehli fursat mey nikal: Instagram takes down Hindustani Bhau's account

This action was long overdue given the Phatak’s actions and speech in his videos. Now, his account has been taken down by Instagram.

The reason, however, has not been confirmed by Phatak, but it is obvious that his videos violate basic guidelines of not only Instagram, but the internet in general.

So, why did Instagram take down his account?

Phatak’s latest video is beyond crass.

In a video shared online, Phatak can be heard saying that whosoever makes fun of his religion or god will not be forgiven henceforth. He urges his fans and followers to openly bash those who indulge in such acts.

In his words, Phatak says, “System side mein, complaint side mein, ab inko bas marna hai.”

His video received a lot of flak from netizens after which he took it down. But comedian Kunal Kamra shared Phatak’s clip urged Mumbai Police to take action against Hindustani Bhau.

Taking to Twitter, Kamra mentioned the official handles of Anil Deshmukh and Mumbai Police, and said: “HM @AnilDeshmukhNCP & @MumbaiPolice, calling for open violence is a crime. This is a mob building & hate spreading exercise. This is deeply alarming. Could lead to violence & an artist not getting due process.”

“Remarks like “System side main” are an insult to our constitution,” he added

Earlier, Phatak also extended support to Shubham Mishra, who was booked for posting a a vile and misogynistic rant – where he threatened stand-up comedian Agrima Joshua of rape.

Phatak said in a video, “If he has been punished, even those who make fun of religions should be punished. Don’t target a single person. Target both.”

However, Phatak did say he would upload another video on Kamra and reveal the “truth” about the comedian. That did not happen, instead, his own account was taken down by Instagram.

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