Who is Puneet Superstar India’s first contestant who didn’t give a Damn to Bigg Boss

Who is Puneet Superstar

Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 created a lot of buzz and excitement right from the first day. The contestants of the Bigg Boss show got upset with Puneet Superstar and were threatened with elimination.

The second season of Bigg Boss OTT has started on OTT platforms. This time, the show saw the entry of contestants like Alia Siddiqui, Pooja Bhatt, and many others, whose entry was not widely discussed. Additionally, popular social media influencer Puneet Superstar (Prakash Kumar) also participated in the show, and now his elimination has been announced.

In the first episode of ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’, the contestants made their entries and were questioned by the judges. After that, all the entries were allowed inside the house. During the initial phase, all the contestants met each other, and some old friends took care of each other. As soon as the live feed started, Bigg Boss lost his temper and reprimanded Puneet in front of everyone. Puneet also issued a threat that he wouldn’t care if he was eliminated from the show.

At the end of the Bigg Boss Grand Premiere episode, Puneet entered the bathroom and squeezed two tubes of toothpaste onto his face. He emptied a handwash bottle on top of his head. He said it was his habit to apply the toothpaste on his face, regardless of how other family members clean their teeth in the morning. When Avinash Sachdev and Manisha Rani reached there, Puneet changed his stance. He said he was challenged to apply toothpaste on his face, which was a lie.

Afterwards, he warned Bigg Boss, saying, ‘Causing damage to Bigg Boss’ property or household items is a big mistake. I don’t want you or your family members to suffer any losses, and that’s why this should be your first and last mistake. If it happens again, it will be eliminated completely.’ Puneet seemed unaffected by Bigg Boss’ threat. He also said that if he has to be fired from the show, they should go ahead and do it. He said, ‘If you want to keep it, keep it. If you don’t want to keep it, then don’t keep it.’ He said you are gaining TRP, not me.

Manisha Rani and Fukra Insaan also tried to make him understand, but he remained unmoved. Now, it will be interesting to see what stand Salman Khan takes against him.

Puneet Superstar’s real name is Prakash Kumar. He creates comedy-filled videos on social media and has gained popularity on platforms like TikTok and MX Takatak. He is quite active on Instagram and MX Takatak. He is famous for some punch lines on social media, such as ‘people with big houses.’

Puneet Kumar originally hails from Bihar. People first liked his videos on TikTok and then on Instagram. He is famous for creating unique and quirky videos.

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