Kajol’s daughter Nysa Devgan got trolled badly for Diwali look, this was the reason

Nysa Devgan
Image Source: Instagram

Despite looking beautiful, Kajol’s daughter Nysa Devgan got trolled badly for Diwali look, this was the reason

Everyday celebrities keep sharing their photos or videos for their fans. But when the audience reacts, nothing is known. Sometimes he gets to hear a lot of praise for his photos or videos, sometimes he gets trolled so much that the answer is no. Well now trolling has become such a common thing. Sometimes people start trolling these stars without any reason. Many big celebrities of Bollywood are trolling for the day.

But nowadays, there is also the trend of trolling fashion star kids. In such a situation, once again Ajay Devgan and Kajol’s daughter Nysa Devgan was trolled by social media users. We are once again saying that even before this, Nysa has sometimes been trolled for her clothes and sometimes her looks. Once, social media users trolled Nyasa so much that her father Ajay Devgan got angry and started a class of trolls. But those who have to troll do not care about anyone.

Nysa Devgan once again became a victim of trolling

Recently, Nysa was seen at a Diwali party with her mother Papa at the house of Amitabh Bachchan. During this, Kajol looked very beautiful and Ajay Devgan very handsome. Kajol’s younger son Yug was also present with his parents. But if anyone shared the limelight, it was Nyasa Devgan. Yes, during this time Nyasa Devgan looked very beautiful in lehenga. His simple look won the hearts of many fans. However, there were still some fans who were engaged in trolling Nyasa. Actually, he could not digest how Nyasa looks so white in these pictures.

Users made ugly comments

Let me tell you, Nysa’s pictures became very viral on social media. Despite looking beautiful, people did not desist from trolling them. People did not like this beauty of Nyasa and they started making lewd comments. Due to the white appearance in the pictures, people started trolling Nyasa once again. One user commented on the true color of Nysa, writing that, “Nyasa has excessively applied plastic on her face”. At the same time, one user wrote, “How do these star kids suddenly turn white”.

Another user commented that “when we are banning plastics, we should ban them too”. Some even said, “Like mother, daughter like that. Nepotism is on its way “. Although trolling someone in this way is not good from anywhere, but where have social media users believed someone. Let them say what they feel about. He does not mind that his comments are not hurting anyone’s feelings. Well, whatever it is, we found Nysa very cute in these pictures. Do share your feedback with us on this.