Demi Lovato’s Hot Pool Photoshoot On ‘Self-Timer’ is Hot and Happening! (View Pics)

Demi Lovato's hot Pool Photoshoot
Image: Twitter

Coronavirus pandemic has left everyone stuck at their own homes for months now! As the period is too long to handle, netizens have adapted to new ways to cope up with this routine. One of them is obviously being independently indulgent on social media. Celebrities, who usually have an army of experts around them to make them look perfect are isolated as well. Hence their photoshoots have taken a new turn. They are opting for new-age things like ‘face-time photo-shoots’ and ‘self-timer shoots.’ Demi Lovato’s latest bunch of hot pictures are a testimony to the same.¬†Demi Lovato Admits She Is No More Friends with Selena Gomez.

In the newly released snaps by the singer is seen what looks like a maroon monokini. Taking a dip into the water, the gorgeous star made the fullest use of the self-timer application in the phone. With less to no-makeup, she looks beautiful as ever and it is just close to any normal photo-shoot done by an expert! In her caption, she even teased photographer Angelo Kritikos. She wrote, “Swipe to see how I discovered the self-timer feature for taking pics. @angelokritikos – you in trouble boo boo.” Check out the pictures below.

Demi Lovato

Earlier in March, she had done a Facetime photoshoot with Angelo Kritikos. With a bit of blur and a bit of glam, it was nothing like a normal Facetime screengrab would look like! Indeed, now that Demi has learnt to click herself independently, may be her fans could get a handy tip or two from her!

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