Bodybuilder without leg shows muscles, Audience goes mad to see his determination

Bodybuilder without leg
Image: Screenshot from video

Bodybuilders look different from the others. It’s because of the fact that they do special exercises regularly and push themselves beyond their limits to strengthen their muscles. Day by day, they grow bigger and better.

They always feel a great sense of accomplishment after hitting the gym with proper workout sessions. Above all, they follow a strict diet to keep themselves as fit as a fiddle. They consume large amounts of protein so that they can achieve the shape of a clear-cut body. Though most of us dream to be bodybuilders, only very few of us get to taste the essence of it.

Today, we are going to talk about Mohit Chokker Gujjar whose video is widely circulating on social media. This bodybuilder was born with one leg but today he has become a source of inspiration for several people for his tremendous achievement in Bodybuilding Championships.

This goes to show how he put on a spurt to turn his weakness into a strength. The more you know about him the better you will understand how he had come a long way to be an icon.

No one would have ever had a thought in mind how one would become a bodybuilder even after being disabled. Despite facing all such struggles in his life, Mohit never accepted defeat in his life. He kept on nurturing his dream to be a bodybuilder. He knew that he had to come out of his comfort zone if he wanted to be a bodybuilder. Mohit began his ideal preparations, sweated it out day in day and day out. Eventually, he went on to become one of the best bodybuilders.

Coming from Maharashtra, Mohit fought through his physical ability with grit and determination. The fact that he had an intense belief in himself as well as God pushed him further to go miles. Today, he is one of the greatest bodybuilding personalities in the world. The most surprising thing is that all his achievements have been without the help of drugs or steroids.

It is worth applauding how a handicapped person remained motivated. He received countless praises from the fans and also got the privilege to represent India in Body Building Championship. He had gone from strength to strength in his career as he had won the title of Mr. India. It is also worth mentioning that disability could not stop him from achieving what he wanted. Watch video bellow.

Source: theyouth