6 Indian Stand-Up Comedians Who Are Controversy-Free And Are Genuine Comedians

Zakir Khan and Abhishek Upmanyu
Image: metrosaga

In the recent days, anger has been directed against stand-up comedian Agrima Joshua for her insensitive comments against the forthcoming Shivaji Maharaj statue on the Arabian Sea. Hers was not the first case, as, in the last few years, we have seen a couple of other comedians also crossing the line in the name of creating comedy.

Nevertheless, while those lie on one side, on the brighter patch, there are a few entertainers who do not use the name of religion to create their content. They are genuine stand-up artists and have made their names only because of pure comedy.

Zakir Khan

One of the most established stars in this industry, Zakir Khan is someone who has the knack of evoking laughs with his hilarious punchlines. The Indore-born artist also has shows on Amazon Prime, and has also been part of the comedy show ‘On Air With AIB’.

Abhishek Upmanyu

A YouTuber essentially, Abhishek Upmanyu is a rage on social media. His acts have huge followers, and currently, he does shows across the world. Abhishek originally belongs to New Delhi.

Aakash Gupta

Grumpy faced Aakash Gupta can make you laugh just by his presence on the stage. Someone who takes comedy very seriously, Aakash’s first comedy-stint started when he started mimicking his maasi on family get-togethers. Ever since, his journey has been taking upward steps, and currently, he enjoys a wide fanbase.


Jaspreet Singh

A stand-up comedian known for generating jokes that can hook almost all age sections of the audience, this engineer now does shows all across the globe. “Tu Toh Chup Hi Reh!” is one of the shows of Jaspreet which had become extremely popular.

Anubhav Singh Bassi

Anubhav’s stand-up acts have mostly been centered around his own life: one that started from being a lawyer to a UPSC aspirant and then to becoming the co-owner of a food-business until he finally ended up as a stand-up comedian. He is regarded as a Youtube sensation, and if you watch his videos, you will know why.

Appurv Gupta

A ‘Hinglish’ artist, Appurv is an engineer who later switched his interest to become a stand-up comedian. Most of his acts revolve around the viewpoint of an engineer, and primarily, his jokes belong to the self-deprecating category. Currently, he is doing shows across the country, and a few of them for the corporates too.


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