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We are today living in an entirely new world than what we knew in 2019. This post-pandemic world is completely different, with new boundaries and new challenges. The world is slowly adjusting to this new pandemic normal. Cafes, restaurants, and theatres have since reopened, but many of the activities that used to go on in these places have now shifted to another venue – the online world. The lockdown that followed after the novel coronavirus hit the world at the end of 2019 saw the popular standup comedy venues closing en masse. For most standup comedians, gigs performed in March 2020 were typically their last ones in front of a fully-packed audience. Thousands of performances were cancelled as venues that hosted standups shut their doors.

As we near the end of 2021, like most events, standup comedy is also trying to limp back to normal after the pandemic. The standup comedy scene all over the world is slowly coming back to life, but strict COVID-19 regulations and protocols are still regulating it.

While open mics in most places once played host to large crowds, they are today being held with a limited number of people, or they have shifted online. At the same time, many stand comedians and organizers alike have shifted their programs to the online mode, not willing to risk anybody’s lives for the sake of performing standup comedy.

The standup comedy world soon realized that the only way to keep their standup comedy alive at such a distressing time the world was facing was to come up with a workaround. Most standup comedians soon began doing online trials for online comedy shows. People needed to be entertained more than ever during the lockdown months, and a steady supply of online videos and online performances by standup comedians helped keep the audience satisfied and entertained. Online standup comedy helped liberate people during the pandemic from being bored being stuck at home, especially those who were living alone.

If you want to learn standup comedy online, this is the best time to indulge yourself and sign up for comedy acting classes of standing comedy course online. There are many learn comedy online classes today. Many of the comedy courses online are specially tailored for beginners.

So if you are interested in stepping into the world of standup comedy and you want to learn standup comedy online,you can do this the help of Standup Comedy Class.

Learn Stand Up Comedy from Johnny Lever

One of the greatest comedians ever, Johnny Lever brings his experience online to let you benefit and learn standup comedy straight from the biggest comedian in the Indian film industry. The course helps you understand the nitty-gritty that goes into becoming a successful comedian. You also get to learn the complete A to Z of making it as a comedian. From learning the secrets of the comedy industry to being entertained yourself as you take the class, the Learning Comedy course with Unluclass is the best way to add to your skillset.

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