Why You Should Hire a Small PR Agency For Your Business

Small PR Agency - Orient Digital Media

A decision to give away your brand and company reputation to an outsider can be terrifying for one. Entrepreneurs of young startups tend to always do everything by themselves, but as they grow, they realize that they cannot be in control of everything and needs support to grow further.

Whether you’re a promising tech startup in a cosmopolitan city or a mini-music festival company in a tiny town, you and your company matter.

Here are our four reasons why you should hire a small PR agency to manage your reputation.


Small PR agencies always has time for you. Many of these PR agencies are small because they choose to be, and want to continue and project themselves as boutique and value-added agencies. Small PR agencies have time to know you and learn about your business. They know your birthday, names of your kids, hobbies etc because they don’t have plenty of clients to take care of. They are mostly in business as they think people do business with people they like.

My decision to start my own agency came in almost two years ago, prior to starting my own agency, I used to work for a large PR agency with plenty of clientele and limited resources to cater them. As big businesses, they were unable to keep a tab on everything and clients would often feel ignored, dismissed and all around less important than other larger clients.

Big businesses don’t have time to be anything but clear forthright and upfront. For them, clear and brief communications is the key.


Working with small PR agency, i.e. Orient Digital Media aka ODM, is always good on your budget. Small agencies are conscious of their clients’ budgets and they ensure goals are met on time to manage capacity.

Another reason is that small agencies don’t have 100s of employees. They adapt quickly to client’s budget and focus on ROI on every penny spent.


Small PR agencies are more focused on creating a niche for themselves. They often specialize in an area, like public relations, campaigns building, and integrated communications. A big reason is because they are more value added and understand that if they’re working on a project, then they have to understand their role in the larger vision of the company.


One will never hear a small agency complaining they work in a certain way. Small PR agencies understand the need to be flexible according to the clients they’re working with and in the delivery of their services. Everything about them is tailor-made for their clients.

This works out well for clients as if whenever they’ve got an extremely short time to prepare for a launch of a product or a pop up they can always rely on their PR partner.

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