She left home at age 15, had 300 rupees in pocket, now running 7.5 crore company

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When Chinu Kala was 15 years old, she had to leave his house due to some reason. According to Chinu Kala, when she decided to leave her house, at that time she had only 300 rupees and two pairs of clothes. According to Chinu Kala, it was very difficult to take the decision to leave his house at the age of 15. But she had the courage and succeeded in her decision. After leaving home, Chinu Kala found an inn to live where she had to pay Rs 20 per day to live. According to Chinu Kala, after leaving home she was very nervous but gradually everything went right.

In order to earn money, Chinu Kala is looking for a job and during this time she got the job of salesgirl. Under this work, she had to go to the house of the people and sell the goods. By selling goods, Chinu Kala used to earn 60 rupees daily. However, Chinu Kala did not like to sell goods to people’s homes. Because people did not even talk to them properly. But Chinu Kala did her work with all his heart. Because of which she got a promotion only after one year. With the promotion, Chinu Kala started teaching other girls to work. With this work, Chinu Kala also took up another job and she also started working as a waitress. So that she can earn more money.

Started own company

Meanwhile, Chinu Kala got married to Amit Kala. After marrying Amit Kala in 2004, she participated in Mrs. India pageant and she managed to make her place in the last round of Mrs. India pageant. After participating in Mrs. India pageant, Chinu Kala’s life took a new stand and she started her career as a model. In 2014, Chinu started fashion jewelry and opened its first shop in place of 6*6. He named his company Rubans – fashion accessories and gradually her business started becoming successful and she has established her business well within just two years.

Chinu kala as a model
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Earn crores of rupees

She earned Rs 56 lakh in the year 2016-17. The next year, his income increased to 3.5 crores. Gradually his business grew further and now his company’s revenue has grown to 7.5 crores. Not only this, more than 25 people also work in his company.

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Image: Chinu Kala Instagram

The struggle started at the age of 15 has made Chinu Kala a successful businesswoman today and she is like a role model for millions of women. We also get to learn a lot from the life of Chinu Kala. If we also keep our spirits up in every bad situation, then we too can get everything we want to achieve.

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