Petrol and diesel both cheap, know how much will have to be paid now

Petrol and diesel both cheap - THN
Image Source: NDTV

New Delhi: On Thursday, petrol, and diesel prices have dropped in many metros of the country including the national capital. That is, from today you will have to pay reduced prices for petrol and diesel. Let’s know what the price of petrol and diesel is being sold in your city today. In the national capital Delhi, petrol is being cheaper by 6 paise at Rs 72.01 per liter and diesel is being sold 5 paise cheaper at Rs 65.30 per liter.

Talking about Kolkata, petrol is available for 6 paise cheaper at Rs 74.71 per liter and diesel is available for 5 paise at Rs 67.68 per liter. Talking about Mayanagari Mumbai, petrol is available for 6 paise cheaper at Rs 77.67 per liter and diesel is available for 5 paise at Rs 68.46 per liter. On the other hand, the price of petrol in Chennai has been reduced by 6 paise to Rs 74.80 per liter and diesel has been reduced by 5 paise to Rs 68.99 per liter.

Now know the prices of petrol and diesel in the areas adjoining Delhi, Noida, and Gurugram. Petrol is being sold in Noida at Rs 73.92 per liter today. At the same time, diesel is available here at Rs 65.58 per liter. Meanwhile, petrol is available in Gurugram at Rs 72.13 per liter and diesel at Rs 64.70 per liter.

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