Inspiring Story of an Incredible Businesswoman Monica Gupta

Monica credits her hard-earned success to her inability to accept failure as an option and taking every problem as a stepping stone.

Founder Monica Gupta
Monica Gupta

When life gave threw Dyslexia her way, she turned it into the power of creative expression; when the entrepreneurial landscape was rife with male competition, she scaled the territory as a female businesswoman; when the world was busy nailing shortcuts to get the work done, she relied on the magic of hard and smart work, just like a honeybee. The titan in picture is Monica Gupta, Founder & Director -Interactive Bees, who has gained recognition in the Indian marketing scene through her ever-positive outlook, rock-solid will, and relentless hard work.

Blossoming out

As a child, Monica strived to be different and make a difference. Having a disorder that constantly created problems for her in her reading and education, she accepted it and chose to empower herself by focusing on building her mind power through positivity and meditation at a relatively young age. With this strength that she slowly started gaining, she would continue to tackle the impediments that weigh her down and scale unchartered territories later in life.

Beginning of an era

After her MBA, for the next decade, Monica relied on the power of positivity and diligence as she worked in the marketing landscape at various positions, delivering solutions and services. However, after years of mastering her craft, she started to feel like she had reached a ceiling. Her steep learning curve inspired her to scale greater heights and she took it as a challenge to find new ways to propel her career.

Her journey from a thriving employee; who was always a go-getter to a leader that everyone wants to work for, came as a natural progression and on 17th December 2008, Interactive Bees was born! Today, this hive brimming with talent offers a complete range of communication solutions to brands and a platform to passionate individuals to showcase and hone their creativity.

Creating a buzz

Since its inception, IBees has continued to make strides in the field of marketing, winning recognition and prestigious awards along the way, such as ’India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2017’ for its quality excellence, ‘Red Herring Top 100 Award for Asia’s most exciting companies’ for providing disrupting solutions in the industry and gaining substantive traction in 2016, ‘Drivers of Digital Awards 2018’ for  ‘Special Mention for Content in a Video Marketing Campaign’ and ‘Outstanding Campaign of the Month’ by 91 Mobiles. The company has also been listed in the “Top 10 Best Startups in Website Development Companies in India” by Silicon India Magazine and “Consultants of the Year 2016: Digital Marketing,” by Industry decision-makers at CIO Review Magazine.

Queen Bee

While IBees has been grabbing eyeballs for its notable work, Monica’s efforts and contribution to the sector have also been widely recognized. She was awarded ‘India’s Most Prominent Women Empowerment Award’ by Merit Awards and Market Research and Insights Success, a popular IT magazine chose her among “50 Most Empowering Women In Business”. She has also been conferred with ‘Eminent Achiever Award in Integrated Marketing Communication’ by Indian Conventions.

However, this hasn’t stopped her from donning multiple hats and undertaking new roles. In COVID times, she actively conducted empowerment sessions on Digital Detoxification, Digital Wellness, Keeping calm no matter what, Ways to increase Concentration, Time Management, Work-Life Integration, Stress Management, Self-improvement Modelling, and many more crucial topics to create a positive impact.

Power of ‘Bee’lief

Beyond her personal struggle, Monica battled various societal constrains and challenges to carve out a space in the entrepreneurial world and orchestrate the success of Interactive Bees. She says, “This year, we will be celebrating 13 years in business. It hasn’t always been easy, but we will continue to bring great satisfaction to our clients and an even greater joy to us.”

Having faced adversities at every turn, Monica credits her hard-earned success to her inability to accept failure as an option and taking every problem as a stepping stone. Today, she feels that her desire to create surpasses her fears and every challenge that she faces becomes a greater learning experience. No wonder that this is the advice she passes on, “When faced with adversities, know no other way but to take them head-on. Because if we believe we can, then we will!”

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