8 Things to Do While Preparing for Bank and Government Exams

8 tips for government jobs

With the most sought after bank exams and Government exams just around the corner, we thought we would share a few value bombs & must do things to help you ace the exams effortlessly and land that all-important first job.

1. Get the necessary evil out of the way
The application process for bank exams and Government exams is pain-staking, boring and cumbersome. You will be expected to submit a hard copy of your admit card/call letter on the day of the exam. You will not be permitted to enter the exam hall without your admit card. You may also be expected to submit photographs, valid ID proofs, certificates to prove your educational qualification, and other necessary documents.

For example, If you are preparing for the SSC CGL then download the SSC CGL admit card and get 2 or 3 colour print outs of the same. Immediately after you apply for the exam it is advisable to set up a reminder for the tentative day on which the admit cards are expected to be available for download and check the official website at periodic intervals to not miss out on important announcements or information.

2. Smart work over hard work any day
Check the question papers of the last 5 years and the exam pattern. Your goal should be to clear the sectional cut-offs and the overall cut-off for your category. So, it is important that you estimate the cutoff for this year’s exam based on the previous year cut-offs. The cut-off varies based on the number of vacancies, number of applicants and the difficulty level of the exam. For instance, if you are preparing for the SSC CGL then you should figure out the tentative SSC CGL Cut-off by adding 5 marks to previous year’s cutoff. It is always advisable to be prepared for a higher cut-off. Note down the breakup of topics and weightage of topics across all the sections. Focus on the frequently asked topics and types of questions in each section.

3. Take Notes:
Make notes religiously for each topic in every subject. They will do you a world of good in the run-up to the exam. Utilize them for revision and last minute prep.

4. Don’t cram
Even though a lot of questions in bank exams and Government exams are formula oriented, try not to mug up lots of formulae. A strong grasp of the fundamentals will help you in the long run. Try and understand each concept. Reinforce your conceptual understanding by solving all possible types of questions immediately after you learn a new concept.

5. Follow the right resources
In today’s day and age, there are tons of free resources and study material available online but remember that you will have very limited time before each exam. Using the right study material becomes imperative since it will ensure that that you don’t waste time studying irrelevant topics or solving problems of a higher difficulty level than necessary.

6. Speed matters
Competitive exams are a test of your speed and accuracy. The only success mantra is to PRACTISE, PRACTISE and PRACTISE. Work your muscle memory as much as possible. Please keep in mind that solving hundreds of questions from the topics that you are already strong in might not help you improve your overall score or speed. Ensure that you also work on your weak areas while capitalizing on your strengths.

7. Read Daily
Get into the habit of reading newspapers daily. Most bank exams and Government exams test aspirants on their general knowledge and banking awareness. Reading the newspaper will help you improve your speed of reading, English language and keep current with all the daily affairs & issues. Focus on the current affairs and major issues that plague your state/region if you are applying for a regional/state-level competitive exam.

8. Stick to a routine
During the months leading up to the exam, focus on your mental health and physical health as well. Maintain a proper diet. Try to exercise and meditate daily. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each day. If your health is compromised by illness then your preparation will take a huge hit and you will not be at your best. Please don’t overlook this.

Make sure that you execute the tips mentioned above. Feel free to customize the aforementioned points to best suit your needs and style of prep. We hope that this article helped you chalk the ideal plan to crack the exam.

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