Top Bollywood Actors Who Promote Gutkha, Pan Masala in Ads.

Bollywood Actors Who Promote Gutkha
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Indian cinema or Bollywood stars have a deep social impact and people consider them as role models. Therefore, when a Bollywood actor endorses harmful products like gutkha, pan masala, or keshar, it causes concern. In this article, you will learn about Bollywood actors who promote Gutkha, and Pan Masala.

1. Amitabh Bachchan

Bollywood’s most famous actor who is also known as Megastar. He was often seen in Kamala Pasand’s ad campaigns to promote it. The National Tobacco Abolition Organization asked to distance itself from the Pan Masala advertising campaign as it influences the youth. He withdrew from that ad campaign after much criticism from fans on social media.

2. Ajay Devgan

Bollywood actor and producer Ajay Devgan’s name has been associated with Vimal Pan Masala for a long time. He has become the face of the brand and has been in several commercials. The most recent ad is an ad that also stars Shah Rukh Khan. Shahrukh Khan and Ajay Devgan appeared in a Vimal advertisement for the first time in 2021. Fans were surprised by the combination of the two actors.

3. Akshay Kumar:

The Bollywood star has been seen endorsing Baba Elaichi and Vimal products. He is also known as a fitness inspiration in the industry. He stepped down as a tobacco brand ambassador after facing opposition on social media. And for this, he apologized to his fans.

4. Salman Khan: 

Salman joins the pan masala group with the Rajshree Elaichi advertisement. You can see this advertisement more than 50 times on television these days.

5. Ranveer Singh:

Ranveer Singh was seen in Kamla Pasand’s latest advertisement with Big B Amitabh Bachchan. But on his 79th birthday, Amitabh was out of the brand promotion.

6. Hrithik Roshan: 

Hrithik Roshan is featured in the new ad for Dilbag’s Signature Cardamom. The ad campaign was launched last year but fans are not happy to see them endorsing Pan Masala.

7. Tiger Shroff: 

Tiger Shroff was featured in the advertisement for Pan Bahar. After this advertisement, Tiger Sharroof has been asked this question many times by his fans, ‘Is it right to promote Pan Masala while being such a fitness freak himself? You have so many followers, your work is also followed by so many people. How can you promote such things?”

8. Mahesh Babu:

Mahesh Babu is an Indian Telugu film actor. But this was also in the same Pan Bahar advertisement in which Tiger Sharaf was also with him. Fans got angry after seeing this mega star in the Pan Masala ad. A fan wrote on the social media platform, ‘Never expected that Mahesh Babu would also stoop to this level to do this advertisement for money.’

9. Shahrukh Khan: 

Ajay Devgan, the versatile Bollywood actor and producer, has long been a prominent figure in the advertising world, notably associated with Vimal Pan Masala. Serving as the brand ambassador, he has featured in numerous commercials over the years. In a surprising and refreshing twist, the recent Vimal advertisement showcases not only Ajay Devgan but also the charismatic Shah Rukh Khan. This unexpected collaboration between the two iconic actors debuted in 2021, leaving fans pleasantly surprised by the unique pairing. The advertisement marks a noteworthy moment in the world of endorsements, bringing together two stalwarts of the Indian film industry to promote the brand in a manner that captivates audiences and sparks intrigue.

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