How to Prepare Your Car for Manhattan Shipping

Prepare Your Car for Manhattan Shipping

As the global capital of commerce, Manhattan could easily be deemed the most famous place on the face of the Earth. I’m not denying the fact that there are lots of other amazing places across the globe, but if we were to pinpoint the one area that everyone has heard of, then it would probably be Manhattan, New York City. If you’re just paying it a visit, you should get some more info on what to do while there.

If, however, you’re planning a more permanent stay, or a complete relocation, you’ll need to get some other affairs in order as well. Such as where you will live and what you will do regarding transportation. Taking your vehicle with you is the logical answer to the second part, because there’s no easier way to get around than by having your own car by your side at all times and going wherever you want to go and whenever it suits you.

The only thing, though, is this. While you’re probably all excited about the idea of driving your auto through Manhattan, visiting all the places you want to see, and while you’re also a bit worried about parking at the same time, it is the drive to Manhattan from your current place that is actually worrying you. How about you avoid it altogether, then?

No need to put yourself through that, when you can simply choose to have the automobile shipped by experts. Heard of the shipping solution already? Sure you have! And, you’ve most probably realized that it is the best solution for you, meaning you’ve given up on the entire driving idea, which has given you the peace of mind you deserve.

Sure, you’ll get the peace of mind you deserve, knowing that your auto will be handled by experts and thus safely moved to Manhattan. Here’s a question, though? Do you think you have no responsibilities in the matter and that the car shipping New York company you’ll choose will actually do everything? Well, while the company you’ll choose will do all the hard work, the truth is you have some responsibilities prior to actually giving the keys to the pros. You have to prepare the car, and here’s how.

How To Prepare Your Car for Manhattan Shipping
  1. Get the Documents

You car’s registration info, proof of insurance, as well as of ownership, the original vehicle title, your own ID… Those are some of the documents you may be required to show to the professionals that will transport your car before they take the keys. Getting the documents ready in advance will help you avoid any delays in the shipping process.

2. Wash the Vehicle

Why would you wash your car when it is going on the road and thus bound to get dirty and dusty, especially if you’re choosing the open carrier? I know, I know – it may seem unnecessary. And yet, it is absolutely necessary. It will help you easily notice any dents and cracks it may have, which is quite important, as I’ll explain later. Plus, your car won’t actually get that dirty during transport, meaning you’ll get to start with a fresh and clean car once it reaches Manhattan.

3. Empty the Gas Tank

Emptying the gas tank is another one of your responsibilities. Extra gas means extra weight, which could result in cost increases. Sure, you shouldn’t completely empty the tank, because the vehicle will have to be driven from point A to the transporter, and then from the transporter to point B. Leaving just a quarter of the tank full is the optimal solution.

Just in case you’re not sure how to choose the right shipping company, this can help:

  • Remove Any Outside Accessories

Removing outside accessories, such as luggage or bike racks, as well as custom spoilers, is another significant thing you’ll need to do here. Why? By removing those, you reduce the risk of getting them damaged on the trailer during the course transportation. You want to avoid damage as much as possible, so play your part in it and remove the outside accessories.

  • Remove Valuables from the Inside

Furthermore, it would also do you good to remove valuables from the inside. For the same reasons, of course. You don’t want those to get damaged while on the road. Take your time to explore the inside part of the vehicle and take out anything you don’t want to risk.

  • Document Damage

I’ve mentioned above that there is another crucial benefit of washing the vehicle, apart from it arriving to Manhattan in good condition and ready to be driven. Basically, doing so will help you document any current damage. Once you’ve done that, it will be easy for you to identify some new damage that may have been done to the car during the shipping process, and that’s important because you may get compensated for it.