Mass shooting in California food festival

Mass shooting in California food festival

Sunday, 28 July:  3 people died and at least15 got injured in a massive shooting during California food festival, no arrest has been made so far. Police are still identifying gun Men.

 Cases of mass shooting have increased in the past 2 years. There have been at least 7 mass shooting which results in the death approx 65 U.S citizens from last two years. People have witnessed various incidents like the Parkland school shooting where 17 students including staff members were killed and the thousand oak shooting where 15 people shot dead.

Mass shooting has become a serious threat for the U.S and it is rapidly rising. Mental illness and hatred can be the reason for raising these cases. We sometimes describe mass shooting as a form of terrorism and yes it is surely terrifying and terrorizes the people. However, not all shooters involved have a political cause. Most of them are hate crime and the majority of active shooters are linked to mental health issues or a quest for power.


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