Ex-wife Reham Khan mocked Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Ex wife Reham Khan mocked Pakistan PM Imran Khan - THN
Image Source: ANI

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has been mocked by his ex-wife Reham Khan, who has been giving a lot of fury to the Kashmir issue. Reham said on Imran’s appeal of a half-hour protest in Pakistan every Friday in support of the Kashmiris, Rehm said, seeing many people, he felt compelled to. Reham also said that Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi is waiting for him to replace Emraan as Prime Minister.

Now PoK’s demand began to rise in India, on the appeal of Imran, there was a show of standing with Kashmiris in Pakistan last Friday. Imran himself also participated in a demonstration and announced to stand till the last moment with the Kashmiris. But despite all the efforts of the government, these demonstrations did not attract much crowd. In his video that went viral, Reham said, ‘Now in India, there is news of demand for taking slave Kashmir. They are saying that Pakistan is not capable of doing anything. They (Pakistanis) could not stand even half an hour for Kashmir.

If India grows PoK, Pakistan cannot do anything, so I have to say that what can they (Pakistan) do if India grows to take slave Kashmir? Yes, they can an hour. ‘ After this, she starts laughing at the word gong. A British citizen of Pakistani origin, Reham is a journalist by profession. She is the second wife of Imran. They both married on January 2015. Their married life could not last even a year.