Video KYC to Save Age Verification

Video KYC
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Youngsters around the world are more expert on the internet than most adults. This is why they find different ways to experiment with the system and breakthrough most age gates. 

Many countries take the issue of dealing with minors really seriously. In the UK, selling age-restricted products to minors is a crime that can be punished with a penalty of up to 20,000 pounds. 

Age verification solution comes handy in these cases. Age verification is the process of verifying a person’s age through verifying their identity. It is done to ensure that no underage children can exploit the system and pass through age gates to get their hands on harmful or age-inappropriate stuff. 

Age verification Solution 

AI-based age verification solution is one way to ensure that no underage child is involved in dealing with stuff that might be unfit for the children. This software is an effective method to verify a customer’s age. The end-user is required to submit a picture of their ID document. The AI-based solution is trained to verify the authenticity of the ID document. If the ID document is tampered with or is fake, the system will alert the businesses of the potential risk. Then the end-user is required to submit their date of birth. Their date of birth and ID document is screened and matched against the previously submitted ID document to verify their age. 

Even though this system ensures an authentic verification process, people might find loopholes to get around it. A more accurate and effective way to ensure the age verification process would be to perform video KYC.

Video KYC and Age Verification System 

Video KYC is a process of collecting personal information of the customer to verify their identity through a live video call with a KYC expert. A KYC expert is a person who connects with the customer through a video call. In the video call, the face of the person is verified through an aliveness detection test. The customer is asked to move their head and answer a few questions to verify if the real person is physically present and not a video. After that, the KYC experts take the consent of the customer to record their identity verification process. The verification process requires the customer to show their government-issued ID documents in the camera. The authenticity of the ID document is also verified by the KYC expert and the AI system.  

Video KYC is a useful way to verify the age of the customer. When the KYC expert will video call the customer, they would be able to see the face of the customer and check if the face is of an underage child or of an adult. They can also observe the behavior and body language of the customer to analyze their age. The same way the AI solution can also detect the face of the customer. When the customer will be asked to show their ID card, this way any fake IDs will be detected and alert the system. 

To Sum it Up

Children are in more danger from the internet these days. With the e-commerce market and unlimited content on the internet, they can get access to anything even if it is harmful or inappropriate for their young brain. This is why age verification of Id cards is important so the online world will be safer for children. Video KYC is an extremely useful method to verify the age of the person. This way businesses would not have to face a lot of penalties for illegally dealing with minors and they can keep their good reputation as well. 

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