Preeti Patel, who is handling the Home Ministry, is popular among Indians living in the UK

UK’s new home minister, Preeti Patel, is very popular among the resident Indians. At present, he has been given the responsibility of handling the Home Ministry. In the cabinet of the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he got the post of Home Minister. 47-year-old Preeti of Indian origin is the main face of Brexit supporters in the UK. Preeti Patel is being counted among the most popular leaders in the current round of the Conservative Party. Like Johnson, she is also known for right-wing trends. 

The post was left because of the protocol violation

Preeti Patel had to leave her post in 2017 for violating the protocol during her private visit to Israel. In 2017, she went to Israel to celebrate Holidays with her family In this trip, he neither informed the British government nor the British Embassy, ​​had met with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the officials there without permission. After the controversy on this trip, he had to resign from the International Development Secretariat.

He openly supported Britain’s separation from the European Union in 2016. He also had several rallies in support of Brexit. He was a vocal critic of the way he was going ahead of Prime Minister Tarja May at Brejitz. He openly supported the campaign for the support of new PM Boris Johnson. Because of that, Boris Johnson also got success. His popularity among the Indians settled in Britain is as a pro-Modi supporter. It is known that former British PM David Cameron had given him various responsibilities for Prime Minister Modi’s visit to London. She is also popular as a supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi among the Indian community in London. Preeti is a guest in all major programs of people of Indian origin in the UK. He is seen as an enthusiastic fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Britain. 

Family history

Preeti Patel’s patrons migrated from Gujarat to Uganda and fled in the 1960s and settled in the UK. Preeti was born on 29 March 1972 in England. His father’s name is Sushil and mother’s name is Anjana Patel. Preeti has received education from Kiel and Essex University. After graduation, he worked in the Central Office of the Conservative Party, and thereafter Sir James Goldsmith’s spokesman, Reffendum Party spokesman from 1995 to 1997. This party was considered to be an anti-EU party in Britain. He was also active in Britain’s politics and became a part of the Conservative Party in 1997 and for the next three years, he was also the Deputy Press Secretary of the party. Preeti contested for the first time in 2005 from Nottingham seat, but she did not win. Then in 2010, he won the election from Wittaham seat. He was made Treasury Minister in 2014 and after the general elections of 2015 he had become a minister In 2016, he was made the International Development Minister but had to resign after one year. Two years later, making a tremendous return to Britain became the Home Minister. Britain’s Home Minister is known for being right-wing trends, becoming Indian-born Preeti Patel. 

Right wing 

Like Boris Johnson, Preity is also known for right-wing trends. Preeti Patel had opposed the validity of the marriage of gay couples in Britain, apart from this, she also campaigned against smoking. She is the most prominent leader in Brejjet’s supporting faces. He had made several rallies in support of Brexit. While supporting Brexit, the slogan ‘Save British’.

Iron Lady is the greatest ideal of love

Preeti Patel Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher regards her as her ideal. Margaret Thatcher has been a former British PM, Thatcher’s reputation has been as Iron Lady in the international community. Because of this, he is also very popular among young women.