Modi government is playing with people, Driving license will be changed soon

Driving license will be changed soon- Narendra Modi - THN
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Soon after the new rules, the format of Driving License and Registration Certificate (RC) will be changed. Actually, till now the format of driving license and RC is different in every state. In such a situation, according to the states, there is a change in their rules. With this, the Central Government is going to change the driving license (DL) rules. In this, both DL and RC will now be the same. Understand indirect language, now the color of driving license and registration certificate (RC) of the vehicle will be the same in every state.

The new rule will be applicable from October 1

This new rule with a new driving license will come into effect from 1 October 2019. A notification has been issued by the Central Government regarding this.

What will change?

According to the ZEE Business report, after the new rules, now you will have the same information on your driving license and registration certificate. The special thing is that all the information will be in one place. That is, the design or format of DL and RC will be the same.

Traffic police will get the most help to the common man

After the new rules are implemented, the traffic police and the common man will get the most help. Actually, there are different rules regarding DL and RC in a different state. In such a situation, information has been given in front of DL and RC in many states, then on the backside. In such a situation, this problem will end after the new rules.

The rule is made with the suggestions of the common man, the central government has made this new rule with the suggestions of the common people. In fact, last year the government had sought suggestions in this matter through draft notifications.

In seconds, the complete information will be given after the new rule, Microchip and QR Code will be given in DL and RC, which will reveal all the old records within seconds.