Online Gambling Games in India: How Does It Work? Is It Legal?


With the advancement of mobile technology in India, more than 500,000 million people are connected to each other daily. The internet has given Indians access to several online platforms and products that were impossible before, and one of the main industries to gain from this is online gambling.

According to a report by The Week, 40 percent of the internet users gamble in India, and the report suggests that India might overtake the United Kingdom as well in the numbers of gamblers per capita. While another research suggests that 80 percent of all adult Indians gamble at least once a year. One of the best betting sites is they serve as a sports betting portal for starters, enthusiasts, and everyone in between in India and other players across the globe. Their online support available 24/7, you can also reach us via online inquiry on the website.

But, what is online gambling, and why are more and more Indians switching to online gambling games? Here’s everything we know.

What Is Online Gambling?

Online gambling generally means the use of internet to place bets and earn money. It is similar to playing in a casino but the difference is that it is held in a virtual environment.

This includes playing of poker, sport games, casino games, etc. Users can place bets through online payment modes such as credit, debit card, internet banking or UPI (most preferred). After placing a bet, wins or losses are paid or collected accordingly.

What Are Some of The Most Common Online Gambling Games Played By Indians?

Cricket, Card games, and Football are very popular with Indians; among them, Teen Patti and Rummy draw a large number of players.

  • Teen Patti: This game provides a realistic experience of a casino with real professional dealers, and glamorous studios.
  • Rummy: Another popular title played by Indians is rummy where players can choose fun characters, play online with real players, and win or lose depending on their skills and bet.
  • Cricket: There are two ways of betting in a cricket match. The first one is to bet on the outcome of the match, where a player bets money on his team. The other one is based on the outcome of six-overs.

Few other famous games played by Indians are Blackjack, Roulette, Barract, Indian Flush, Casino, and Andar Bahar.

Why are These Games Not Available on Google Play Store?

Tech giant Google in its new policy has excluded ‘India’ in the list of countries where gambling apps are allowed.

Google has permitted countries such as United States, Japan, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Finland, Denmark, and Colombia to download gambling apps from its servers.

The reason for this is reportedly the state governments who have been issuing directives to ban such apps outright. For instance, Paytm and Paytm first games were also recently blocked stating that they violated Google’s terms of services. Meanwhile, Appstore’s interface doesn’t allow the installation of several gambling apps on its platform.

Online Gaming vs Online Gambling

There is a very thin line between online gaming and online gambling. Multiplayer gaming is a fun and leisure activity that is a way to spend time (virtually) with your loved ones. However, gambling is betting money against each other and involves a monetary transaction between players.

Most of the online games are free and do not require any money to play whereas online gambling requires users to bet (pay) first and then play the game.

Online gaming requires knowledge and skills to play. The gameplay involves coming up with solution which are posed by developers of the game. Whereas gambling mostly relies on luck and probability.

Is Online Gambling Legal in India?

Gambling laws in India are confusing. This is because of the unclear distinction between ‘games of skills’ and ‘games of chance’.

According to Indian laws, betting on games of chance is illegal whereas betting on games of skill is legal. It’s tricky to determine whether a game falls under a chance or skill category.

The ruling by Supreme Court holds that rummy cannot be classified as a game of chance like three-card games such as flush and brag. This is because rummy needs players to have a certain level of skill particularly when it comes to memorisation, reports The Citizen. Therefore, any game that requires a gamer to have a particular skill set is legal.

However, gambling apps remain at the mercy of payment platforms and state governments which can block a certain app stating ‘legislative ambiguity’.

Things to Consider for a Player When Choosing an Online Betting Site


It’s always wise to listen to others with experience. You can either go to online gambling forums to hear out what fellow players have to say about a betting site. Or you can rely on portals such as who compile lists of best-in-class providers to go with.

Sports Markets Available

Don’t forget why you are in it in the first place. If you are planning to bet on one sport only, the most important factor is for the sportsbook to cover your events and to offer good odds on them.

Banking Options

Likewise, your ideal betting site has to support your preferred payment method, both when depositing funds and when withdrawing winnings. You plan to win and cash out after all, aren’t you?

Customer Service

A great customer service is typically the thing you don’t know you need right until you need it. You never know when you’ll need assistance from them so think ahead and pick a betting site that will help you reduce your frustration should it come to that.

A Word of Caution

All gambling sites are for 18+ visitors only. Some of the sites listed here or on our site may not be available in your province or territory. Please check your local laws regarding geographical, age or other restrictions. Please play responsibly. If you think you may have a gambling problem we strongly recommend you to consult with your family and seek professional help. As a first step, you can start with these sites:

The purpose of this article is to educate people only. We do not endorse and promote betting.