Meals Plans and Weight Loss Journey: Some Tips

Tips for Weight Loss

Food plays a crucial role in our everyday life. It contributes to our health and well being. Having the right amount of food that contains all the nutrients in the right amount is very important. In the present day world, it is very easy to get one’s hands on food as there are many food delivery services.

While food delivery services can unveil the world of binge eating, which is unhealthy, it can also prove beneficial. Certain delivery services provide exclusive meal plans according to the requirements of the customer. Meal plans can be very significant when it comes to a health-conscious person.

There are plans for many instances, including weight loss, weight gain, physique building and many more. This article will elaborate on how to orient the meal plans for weight loss according to one’s requirements.

Meal plan for weight loss

It is a combination of healthy and balanced eating along with an active lifestyle to manage weight in the long run. The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, which is created by Accredited practising dietitians of Australia, is one guide that can be followed for such motivation. This meal plan is not about going hungry, but it includes many healthy and tasty recipes that make the mission enjoyable and fulfilling.

During a weight-loss journey, one needn’t be harsh to oneself. The meal plans should be very realistic and achievable in the long run. One should always be allowed cheat days where they can enjoy the things they like in life. There is no harm in having a glass of wine, a piece of chocolate or a few biscuits a few times a week. More than the food, love oneself and be accommodating of the body’s needs.

About the Meal Plan

  • In this plan, one can have around 6,200 to 6,850kJ every day. However, it is based on their energy requirements, and the said plan can work for people who have a light level of daily activity. The requirement for more active people is higher.
  • People with an inherent medical issue should seek the advice of a professional before embarking on the journey of weight loss.
  • The energy requirements of every person also change according to their age, height, weight and health status. Therefore, always go for an accredited practising dietitian’s advice and develop a customised meal plan.

Weight Loss Journey

The standard time for weight loss is seven weeks. During this time, people should not plan on going hungry but eat the right food at the right time. Never skip any course of a meal at any time. However, they can cut down on extra or binge eating. Read on to understand how each course can be managed.

Breakfast: Never skip breakfast. For a person on a weight loss journey, they can eat one cup of whole-grain flake cereal along with one cup of skimmed milk every day. They can also go for variations like no fat/ sugar added yoghurt with fruit or even porridge with fruit.

Lunch: For lunch, one can eat chicken salad and rolls with fat-reduced cheese and salads. Other combinations include chickpeas and rice with reduced-fat cheese. 

Dinner: For dinner, one can eat beef stir fry with cooked vegetables, beef ramen, pork chops and vegetables etc.

For desserts and snacks, always go for low-fat, low sugar yoghurts and icecreams. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetable salads.

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