5 Great Tips for Garden Photography

Garden Photography

Since the pandemic started, gardening has become one of the biggest trends that people hopped into for them to get a sense of productivity, all while tilling the Earth.

One’s own garden can be a treasure trove of plants. Still, it can also be a haven for photographers looking for a picturesque landscape. You can create quality photos of your beloved garden through the right timing, patience, and efficient technique!

1. Highlight the garden’s expanse.

You may want to start with an establishing shot of the garden’s entirety. This way, you can showcase the garden effectively and let the viewers bask in all its glory.

Gardens are mostly made up of flowers, ornamental or vegetable plants, hedges, trees, and more. Through an establishing shot, you can include all of these elements. By partnering the photo with a generous amount of natural light–preferably in the early morning or early noon–will just be the perfect shot to kick off your garden photograph collection.

This tip works best with wide-angle photos, for this angle can provide a general view of the garden.

2. Work with a color palette in mind.

A color palette is useful in making your photos appear vibrant and full of life. The flowers and ornamental plants in the garden can be arranged in a certain way that becomes a colorful yet neat composition.

When doing this, you may need a note of the plants that need shade or sunlight to be placed accurately and not just for show. Make use of the plants’ colors, and try to mix and match the plants’ arrangements. This way, the garden’s vibe will be eye-catching and lively. You can also search for photography services in your area whenever you need a professional’s eye to look into possible photography ideas for your garden.

3. Dig into the little details.

Of course, the garden is composed of different elements that complete its entire travesty of life and color. With the use of its various features, you can explore how the garden works through tiny details.

Even though they may seem insignificant, they can help the viewers see the flowers and plants up close and highlight their many interesting features.

For instance, flowers can be photographed in different angles and light settings, to show the flower through different perspectives. You can also photograph the leaves and their patterns, the petals and sprouts, and tree saplings.

4. Play with light.

Proper usage of natural light can prove to be useful in taking photos in your garden. You can do several light tricks such as silhouettes, backlights, shadows, and open flash techniques. This way, you can make the photos well-lit and the plants more radiant.

For instance, you can use a reflector to produce shadows. This can be done by putting the mirror between the light source and your desired subject, making the reflector block the direct sunlight.

5. Shoot in different formats.

Since you are already experimenting with different angles, you may also want to shoot in vertical and horizontal formats. This will make you consider the photo elements when shot in various forms and unleash the photo’s best look in each design. Through this technique, you can also get rid of distracting backgrounds and highlight the subject more in the photo frame.

Garden photography can be extremely rewarding, especially since you grew and took care of the photographed plants yourself. It gives you a different type of relief and accomplishment. With these tips, you’re on your way to utilizing the best photos out of your garden. Happy shooting and gardening as well!

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