3 Ways to Style Pendants with Chains

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Gone are the times when you needed heavy necklaces to make a statement, the jewellery fashion industry has moved away from bulky neckwear to minimal pendants with chains. These simple pieces take your looks to another level without taking up too much space in your outfit.

Pendants with chains are all the rage right now because of their delicate design and sleek look. These simple jewellery pieces ensure that attention is not drawn away from your outfit and rather compliment the entire look cohesively.

There is a lot of versatility that comes with styling a pendant with chain, as you have the liberty to change the pendant or remove it completely if needed. If you want a pendant with a chain, getting a beautiful one from Mia by Tanishq can be an intelligent choice as their collection is playful, elegant, and designed perfectly to suit every woman.

Here are 3 ways you can style pendants with chains!

Beating the Heat

A pendant with a chain is the perfect summer accessory. The thin chain with an eye-catching pendant is all you need to elevate your summer look. To style it, you can put on something that is light and flowy like pastel spaghetti under an unbuttoned white shirt. Add your favourite denim shorts and summer sandals to complete the look.

With this look you can put on a silver pendant with chain, to add some cool tones to beat the warm weather. The pendant with chain can be short in length so that it ends exactly where the neckline of your top starts, this will ensure that your outfit doesn’t look cluttered.

Winter Fashion

Unlike popular belief, styling a pendant with a chain for the winters is super fun! This is the time when you can get creative with styling jewellery, and can layer your pendant with chain over your clothes for a chic look.

The best way to do this is by putting on your pendant with chain over your favourite turtleneck sweater. It is important to note that the length should be appropriate, and the chain of the pendant should be a little wider so that it is clearly visible on top of the sweater.

You can select a gold or silver pendant with chain depending on the tones of your outfits. If you generally wear cooler tones like blue and green, silver will look best, but if you are someone who dresses in warmer tones of yellow and brown, getting a gold pendant with chain would be a smart choice for you.

 With Indian Wear

More often than not, Indian wear is usually heavy with a lot of needlework. These outfits are statement pieces themselves and don’t require chunky jewellery to overpower the look. For this reason, pendant with chain goes perfectly well with Indian outfits.

Gold pendant with chain goes flawlessly with Indian wear since gold has always been a prominent metal whose jewellery has been loved by Indians for a long time. The pendant of your gold chain should be simple, and minimalistic to create a balance with the outfit.

Where to Find the Best Pendants with Chains?

We have all seen pendants with chains being sold in many places both online and offline, but the quality and design of these pieces aren’t that great. They may fade, break off easily, or the low-quality material can irritate your skin. To avoid all these mishaps, you should only buy pendants with chains from trusted jewellers like Mia by Tanishq. With an impeccable collection of carefully curated designs, this is the perfect place to shop for pendants with chains.