These rules of driving license and RC have changed across the country, update like this

Driving Licence
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Traffic rules changed in the country from 1 September and there was panic in the whole country. Everyone has to keep the papers of their car full because if no one did this, then they are being fined not more than five thousand, but 10 thousand to millions. Now there are reports that the driving license and RC rules have changed in the whole country, with these new changes, the government will also be able to create an online database of vehicles and drivers from now on.

These rules of driving license and RC have changed in the whole country

The new Motor Vehicle Act has come into force in the country and there have been many new changes in traffic since then. There have been some other rules changes since October 1 and the change of these rules can have a direct effect on you as well, for this, it is very important for you to know these changed rules. Let me tell you that from today onwards the rule to get a driving license has also changed and you will need to update your old license. This entire process will remain online and after this rule, driving license and registration certificate (RC) will be seen of the same color. Along with this, the driving license and RC will also have QR codes in addition to the microchip. The reason for having a QR code is that it will not hide any of your records. According to the information, Handy tracking devices have been provided to the traffic police to read these QR codes. Due to these new insurgents, the government will now be able to create an online database of vehicles and drivers. Till now, the rule was different in every state of the country had a different driving license, but with the new rule, DL will be the same in the whole country. From now on, only the colors of DL and RC will be the same, but their printing will also be the same. The government had already issued a notification for this.


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