Meet Noida: Niharika, A 12-Year-Old Noida Girl Whose Piggy Bank Will Help Fly Three Migrant Workers Back Home

Niharika migrants
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Witnessing the migrant’s plight across the country, a 12-year-old Noida girl has given away her piggy bank savings to help 3 migrant laborers to fly back home.

Niharika Dwivedi, a class 8 student from Noida was moved by the struggle of the migrant laborers due to the lockdown of the coronavirus and broke her piggy bank savings of two years to help them. She used 48,530 rupees of her savings to help three Jharkhand migrants including a cancer patient. Speaking to ANI, Niharika said,

“Watching news channels and struggle of these people have inspired me to help migrant laborers in reaching home. They have contributed so much to society and it is our responsibility to help them in this crisis. I had collected 48,530 from my pocket money and I used it to help these three people out of which one is a cancer patient.”

She was sad watching news, says mother

Niharika’s mother Surbhi Dwivedi also spoke to ANI and said that her daughter used to get sad while watching the struggle of the migrants on the news channel. She said,

“We had been noticing that she used to get sad whenever she watched the news about laborers. One day she saw an airplane and asked us if we can send needy people by flight? She gave us her piggy bank and said I want to help laborers and we were proud and happy to hear that from our 12-year-old daughter.”

Migrant Worker with son
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After hearing the desire of her daughter, the family enquired and acquired the contact of three laborers who were stranded. Surbhi said,

“We enquired and found out from our common friends about three migrants who wanted to go back to their homes. One of them is a cancer patient. We arranged for flight tickets and sent them home.”

Ever since the announcement of the lockdown, the migrants have been subjected to extreme helplessness as they were deprived of their jobs, their shelter, food, and money. The ones who had money had no way to reach their homes and in this desperate situation, many of them began to walk home. Ever since the COVID-19 lockdown, over 100 stranded migrants have died in accidents and due to other reasons.

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