“Kashmir Mange Aazadi, Bengal Maange Aazadi” Slogans were raised at IIT Madras – Watch Video

Kashmir Mange Aazadi, Bengal Maange Aazadi Slogans
Image: PTI

A group of around 30 students in the Indian Institute of Technology Madras conducted a march in IIT Madras alleging excessive use of force on JMI and AMU students’. Students were found calling ‘Ham leke rahenge Azadi’ and ‘Bengal Bhi Maange Azaadi, Kashmir bhi Maange Azadi’. Watch the complete video below.

The reporters of were present at the spot at the protest. They inquired with the students if any student body is formally involved in organizing the protest. Some students reported that protest was spontaneous. It was later learnt that there was a widespread distribution of pamphlets and posters that mentioned the venue and agenda of the protest.

Several media outlets were already aware of the protest. Reporters from AajTak, TimesNow, NDTV and Republic had arrived at the venue of the protest before the protest had begun. One of the students inquired with the security guard who informed that the media personnel had entered the campus in the name of covering the event in Kendriya Vidyalaya ground.

According to one of the student reporters from IIT Madras, around 30 students from IIT Madras were present in the protest. This group was joined by 20-25 protestors outside the institute who are neither students nor a part of any student body in IIT Madras.

The reporters of SAE News inquired with Dean of Students of IIT Madras if the protestors have the permission to have violent sloganeering in the campus. The Dean mentioned that no permission was obtained by any student body, or student collective to conduct such a march.

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