What Is CBD Oil and How Is it Beneficial for Dogs?

Raising a dog comes with a lot of responsibility. One of the things you have to pay attention to is the health of your dog. This is because there are many health complications that your dog may be vulnerable to.

The cause of the problem can be genetic abnormalities, environmental factors, or even the adverse effects of certain lifestyle choices that becomes noticeable as the dog begins to age.

The ailment can be bacterial, viral, and other categories. For more information on health complications that canines are vulnerable to, you can visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dog_diseases

To ensure that your dog is not going to end up with any of these health problems, you have to be proactive. Also, certain measures have to be taken to help canines that are battling one or more of these physical or mental health problems.

If you have a dog that is going through some rough patch health-wise, we advise that you are open to using tested and trusted solutions. For instance, many pet parents have made use of canine CBD products for many reasons and have good things to tell about this drug.

In this article, we will discuss some of the ways that this drug can help your dog live a healthy and happy life. Some of the health conditions that canine cannabidiol products can help treat will be discussed.

What Is CBD?

CBD is also known as cannabidiol. It is a therapeutic chemical compound that is gotten from the cannabis plant. Specifically, this therapeutic compound is derived from industrial hemp. It is important that you know this as there is a difference between marijuana and hemp.

Products made from marijuana have some therapeutic properties but will intoxicate the users if they are used to a certain extent. This is because a psychoactive component such as THC is heavily present in the plant. As a result, products made from this plant are highly intoxicating.

However, the case is different with hemp. This is because industrial hemp is deliberately raised to have a very minute amount of components such as THC. As a result, they are legally acceptable since they cannot trigger psychoactive reactions from users.

You should also know that every CBD product makes use of the cannabidiol oil extracted from the plant. The extraction process is also very important as it goes a long way in determining the safety and effectiveness of the drug.

Why CBD can be Used for Dogs

Some people consider CBD drugs as a treatment solution only for humans. Well, this is not true. Unlike drugs like gabapentin that are for humans but beneficial for canines, CBD is different.

The reason is that all mammals can benefit from using CBD regardless of anatomic differences. The presence of something called the endocannabinoid system is responsible for this.

This is a system that coordinates a lot of activities in mammals and is known for ensuring hormonal balance. For more information about the endocannabinoid system, you can check CBD recommendations and get coupon codes on Healthcanal

How CBD can Benefit Your Dog

The FDA still considers the use of cannabidiol as experimental. This is except for the treatment of two rare kinds of childhood epilepsy. However, quite a lot of people have administered this drug to their canines and are happy they did.

This is considering the impressive results achieved after doing so. In fact, some sources have claimed that the FDA tag on these products as experimental does not mean that they cannot be used. It simply means that more expensive clinical evaluations (that no one wants to pay for) have to be conducted.

Especially taking the positive reports of canine parents who have used this drug into account, below are some of the ways cannabidiol can help your dog:

Giving Support to the Immune System

Every mammal has an immune system. This is a system that helps the creature fight against hostile microbes. Although CBD primarily works with the endocannabinoid system, it also ensures that the immune system is strengthened to handle hostile microbes.

Weight Management

Obesity is not only an increasing problem with humans. Many canines are also battling this condition and cannabidiol can be used to correct the situation.

You need to seek a prompt solution if you have an obese dog. The reason is that obesity is a pathway to more severe health complications in most cases. For instance, some of the obese dogs that do not get the required help end up with diabetes or even cancer.

To handle the situation, we advise you to make use of cannabidiol. As explained before, many canine parents have done this and are happy with the result.

Improved Skin Health

You should use this product if you are not happy with the physical development of your canine in the area of hair growth. For instance, this drug ensures that the cuticles are good enough to keep good hair strands from falling off.

Improved Appetite

You can make use of this drug if you have a dog that is not eating well enough. Sometimes, dogs can be very funny with their meals. This is especially when you have just switched to a new kind of meal. If your dog is having a hard time eating meals, CBD can be used to improve your dog’s appetite.

Treating Anxiety Problems

Dogs also have emotions and this means they can experience terrible moods. If your dog is showing signs of a terrible mood, cannabidiol can be very useful. For instance, it can be used to calm down the nerves of canines that have separation anxiety issues.


If you must administer cannabidiol to your dog, you must consult your veterinarian first. One of the reasons for this is to know if using this drug is ideal for your dog. Secondly, s/he can help you with the ideal dosage plan.

Also, you should use a drug specially formulated for dogs. Exclusively using products such as Cheefbotanicals CBD for dogs is the best way to get the best of cannabidiol for your canine. So, do not use a product formulated for humans for your dog.

We have discussed what CBD is and how it can be beneficial for your dog in this article. Once again, we advise that you consult your veterinarian before using this drug.