How to make a special Father’s Day for your dad

There are manyl things you may do for Father's Day, such as hosting a pizza party at your house, creating a Father's Day art etc.

Father day special

Concerned about what to do on Father’s Day in 2022? There are many original things you may do for Father’s Day, such as hosting a pizza party at your house, creating a Father’s Day art, or including an emotional Father’s Day message in a homemade card.

Here are the tips for making a special Father’s Day for your dad in 2022

Breakfast in bed

Not only on Mother’s Day can you get breakfast in bed! Dads can also enjoy it! Make some of his favourite breakfast dishes and get Father’s Day off to a great start.

Indoor picnic

Move the furniture around in your living room to simulate an indoor picnic. Include Dad’s favourite munchies and lunchtime treats.

Bike/Car ride

A great way to celebrate the day is by riding motorcycles and driving cars. Ride the motorcycles and cars around to give Dad a wonderful feeling.

Indoor or outdoor barbeque

The term barbeque is the surest path to a father’s heart. Grab some premium meats, like a rack of ribs or wagyu beef burgers.

Movie Night

Consider hosting a family movie night in your lawn if your father enjoys binge-watching the Star Wars saga repeatedly. Use a projector to display a movie on a white bed sheet that is hung.

For the unversed, The history of Father’s Day dates back to the early 20th century. A mining mishap in West Virginia, United States on July 5, 1908 killed hundreds of men which led to the day being celebrated for the first time. Grace Golden, the daughter of a dedicated reverend proposed a Sunday service for all the men who lost their lives in the accident.

Two years later, Sonora Smart Todd, the daughter of an American civil war veteran, William Jackson Smart, suggested that Father’s Day should be celebrated to honor the role of fathers. William, a widower, raised Sonora and her five younger brothers single-handedly and selflessly. She wanted the day to be celebrated on her father’s birthday on June 5. The day was later pushed to the third Sunday of June. Over the years, Sonora started campaigning to promote Father’s Day on a national level.

Source: DNA India

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