Mark Zuckerberg, looking for Indian market, will expand business

Mark Zuckerberg, looking for Indian market
Image: News18

Mark Zuckerberg is determined to provide an intense experience to hundreds of millions of users of all platforms Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. In this effort of the Monetization Mission of the social networking giant, one of the largest markets for some of its apps, India can play an important role.

More than 2.1 billion people run FB

According to the company, over 2.1 billion people now use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger on an average every day. Apart from this, more than 2.7 billion people use at least one app of the company’s family every month.

Rising in social media market

In India, Facebook has 30 crore, WhatsApp has another 40 crore and Instagram has 70 million users. In a recent dialogue, Zuckerberg has said that he is considering merging many services so that people can basically send messages on all platforms. A quarter of WhatsApp’s 1.5 billion users are from India. So it is not surprising that Facebook has chosen India’s market for a test run of its first digital payment service before starting in other countries.

Growing internet usage

After another half-year of test runs, Facebook is very close to launching its pay service by the end of this year through WhatsApp. It is assumed that since the coming, this payment could dominate the economy. Smartphone and live phone users in India remain fond of WhatsApp, even after allegations of the platform’s failure in some cases and spreading false rumors through the app.

New app launched for business

Last year, WhatsApp launched a separate app for the business. Although the company has not yet disclosed how many users of this business app, but according to the news, their number has reached globally. “In the future, people will be able to easily pay each other on WhatsApp by sending money to friends and businesses, shopping on Instagram or transacting on Facebook,” Zuckerberg said.

The growing use of Tik-Tok

A challenge for Facebook will also be to retain people on its platform as the Chinese company’s video-sharing app Tic-Talk has grown rapidly in India in the last few years. The good thing for Facebook is that despite all the controversies, it has managed to maintain its lead for the last 15 years. The Cambridge Analytica controversy is also one of them.