Enthusiasm in the corporate sector regarding investment in Jammu and Kashmir

Investment in Jammu and Kashmir

Since the withdrawal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, there is considerable enthusiasm among the factions and organizations of the country. There is also a lot of rhetoric. In such a situation, how can the corporate sector remain silent? Actually, the central government and the corporate sector have to work. According to the corporate sector, now the corporate sector in Jammu and Kashmir is ready to invest openly. Due to which the development of Jammu and Kashmir will not only happen, on the other hand, jobs will also be created for the people there. Older projects of many companies will be restructured once again. After that, he will be implemented in Jammu and Kashmir

According to Assocham President BK Goenka, the need to pay attention to infra in Jammu and Kashmir, the removal of Article 370 is a historic step of the country’s government. This step will be possible to develop this northern part of the country. He said that many companies in Jammu and Kashmir are ready to invest. The economy of Jammu and Kashmir needs to be renewed once again. This area needs to be linked to the economic development of the country. He said that if the industrial activity is to increase in Kashmir, then the infrastructure sector has to be strengthened.

There is tremendous potential in real estate, on the other hand, there is tremendous potential for real estate. According to NEREDCO, an organization of real estate companies, after this decision, there will be a boom in the real estate sector in Kashmir. According to the National Chairman of the organization, Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, real estate companies are seeing immense possibilities of investment in this sector in Jammu and Kashmir. Those possibilities will now be tried to explore. Only then will there be an investment strategy in the real estate sector.


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